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1 Pi'ikea Ave. 

Kihei HI 96753

Bringing Caribbean Cuisines Closer to Your Heart Through Home-Style Cooking

Contact me today to find out more about what my food wagon has in store for you.


Cooking and Serving
Great-Tasting Caribbean Food

Why fly to the Caribbean for its flavorful food when you can enjoy them here in Maui, Hawaii? The food wagon of AbiKi’s Caribbean Flavas serves locals and tourists with a wide variety of scrumptious Caribbean dishes. Browse my website today to check out the yummy food on my menu!

A Little Something About Myself 

I'm a former high school teacher who traveled to the US 6 years ago from Guyana, South America. 

My love of cooking drew me into the food industry in Hawaii. 

Whenever I cook for friends who have not experienced Guyanese style cooking, they are very excited and really seem to enjoy eating a different kind of food. Now I want to share these meals with everyone! 

Hopefully my food wagon will turn into something bigger in the near future and become a household name on Maui.

My Goal

To offer Hawaiian locals and tourists a taste of Caribbean cuisine combining locally grown produce and Caribbean herb and spices.

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